The primary goal of the South American Beacon Project is to provide avalanche safety equipment to skiers in South America.

However, with this comes a second goal: to provide free basic avalanche education to South Americans. Avalanche education is almost non-existent in South America. The few courses that exist are are either too expensive or too far away for the few who can afford them.

We offer two courses and they are free to the public.

Basic Backcountry Clinic: This is a one day course which will cover: basic terrain analysis and group travel within the terrain, basic weather and its effect on avalanches, basic snow pack analysis and stability tests, as well as partner (and depending on the audience group) rescue. we start indoors with presentations of basic information on the subjects, and then move outdoors and use the mountains as our classroom practicing new skills in a hands on approach.

Basic Beacon Clinic: This 1.5 hour clinic will teach
people who already have beacons or are interested in getting one: how a beacon functions, its basic anatomy, and how to perform a beacon search.

Our courses are open to anyone who wants to be a student: workers and recreatonal skiers/snowboarders alike. We use the highly sucessful “Know Before You Go” program as our main teaching tool. Our scheduled classes are listed on our home page.

If you are part of an organization, business, or school whom would like a private class for your members, employees, or students we would be happy for the opportunity to teach your group. Please email the director, Alex Taran, at

2 Responses to Education

  1. Jorge says:

    Hi i’m a chilean mountaineer and student and i’m get involvet in to mix the mountaneering and ski. I would like to know how can i go to a course, teh date and the requierments to that. I don’t have a beacon yet, but soon. Gracias y Saludos!.

    Jorge Bustos.

  2. Justin says:

    Hola Alejandra,
    I’m certified Avy 2 and living in Chile (close to Chillan). Let me know if I can help with anything in the future.

    Read about you and the program through Backcountry mag.

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