2019 Recap: Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 10.58.49This year was a big year for the South American Beacon Project.

We started off with a beacon donation in Ecuador to support the first organized public avalanche course in the country. Thanks to Diego Allolio of Aprendica and Juliana Garcia president of the Ecuadorian Mountain Guides association, these types of courses will only further become available, and continue to increase awareness and avalanche education throughout Ecuador.

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 11.17.12

For the Chile season we were able to give ABS packs to Patrol both in Nevados de Chillan (Pictured first) and Corralco. Both areas are significantly affected by avalanches.

In Argentina we were able to donate ABS packs to Patrollers at La Hoya, as well as beacons to avalanche education initiatives near Choilia and Mendoza.

Thank you to everyone who donated, organized educational initiatives, and helped test beacons.

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2018 Season Recap

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 10.39.13This season we were able to help El Colorado Patrol continue to update their fleet from analog to digital beacons. El Colorado borders significant avalanche terrain, which in the past has not only effected skiers and riders, but also the road below. Additionally, thanks to a donation from Chugach Power Guides we were also able to provide ABS backpacks to Patrollers who preform avalanche control work in La Parva and Corraclco ski areas. Thank you to every one who donated and helped test beacons this year!

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 10.39.50

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Beacons to Patrollers from El Colorado, Chile (2017).

IMG_0908It is great to come back to El Colorado, Chile, in order to bring digital beacons to their patrol. Our work with El Colorado started in 2012. Since then, through donation, the South American Beacon Project has been9ed3461b-24f1-47a7-b44f-71123dea2317 able to equip the patrollers with beacons. In 2013 through the Theo Meiners Snow Safety Foundation we could equip the patrol with shovels and probes. Now as we are changing a once analog fleet for digital, it is great to have the continued support from Juan and the rest of the El Colorado Patrol.

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Class with the Patrollers from La Parva, Chile (2017).

Thanks to La Parva for hosting this presentation on partner rescue for newer patrollers, and hasty searching for more experienced patrollers. La Parva is a ski area within 60 km of Santiago, Chiles major metropolitan epicenter.


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Training with the Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea. Farrellones, Chile (2016).

A66BC99D-62C0-4014-8E0A-75544F8F53BBGreat to get more beacons and training to this group. The municipality is responsible823CD284-1754-4C5D-B298-F794C4C15017 for police officers, plow drivers, emergency road personnel, and park rangers, who serve roadways which pass under these significant side paths. These Men and Women have been, and will continue to be, the first responders to avalanche accidents which take place on this busy route.


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Avalanche Awareness Presentation, Bariloche (2016) .

Thanks to Diego with Apredica for the organization and co-presenting of this avalanche awareness talk.



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Training and Tools to the Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea. Farrellones, Chile (August, 2015).

IMG_3111The Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea is the Municipality which serves the Central Cordillera outside of Santiago. Their police, respond to all types emergencies. The plow drivers clear kilometers of road under serious avalanche terrain. Their emergencyIMG_3079 road crew responds to emergencies on that road. Their park ranger’s serve the Parque Yerba Loca, which also contains many avalanche paths. Over the course of two days all of these organizations, working under la Municipalidad de IMG_3108Lo Barnechea, gathered and learned basic rescue techniques for avalanche rescue. Thanks to Sole for organization of this great initiative, to the municipality for seeing the importance of avalanche training, and all the IMG_3104participants for continually striving to make their community more prepared.


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Antillanca, Chile (August, 2015).

Antillanca is a small mountain situated outside of the city of Orsorno in the heart of the lake (and Volcano) region. To be able to give beacons and training to the close knit group working at Antillanca is a pleasure and honor for us.


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Public Avalanche Awareness Presentations for 2015


Farrellones, Chile. Once again thanks to Base Camp Farrellones for the Organization, Blue Tambo for hosting, and everyone  for showing up and seeking further knowledge.

(July, 2015).






Thanks to Nevados de Chillan for hosting, and everyone for showing up!

(August, 2015).


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Patrulla de Ski Chile El Colorado, Chile. (July, 2015).

IMG_2208Beacon Donation and Training to Patrulla de Ski Chile de El Colorado, a rescue organization operating in the Central Cordillera serving the El Colorado ski area.



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