The mountainous regions of the southern Andes are surrounded by steep, avalanche prone terrain. Each winter season, South Americans venture into dangerous avalanche terrain for both work and play. Many don’t even have avalanche rescue equipment or basic avalanche awareness skills, leading to countless close calls and preventable avalanche deaths.

The South American Beacon Project is a project intended to get beacons and knowledge of safe backcountry travel into the hands and minds of South Americans working and playing in uncontrolled mountain settings.

The project consists of two parts. The first part is bringing avalanche beacons down to workers who work in avalanche terrain and couldn’t otherwise afford them. (Please continue to our Beacons page to learn more about this section of the program.) The second part is providing free basic avalanche education to workers and recreators alike. The classes are broken down into several programs. (Please continue to our Education page to learn more about our programs.)

Our project is made entirely by donations. (Please check out our Getting Involved page for more information.)

The South American Beacon Project hopes to bring something needed and currently unavailable to the unique communities in the South American Central Andes. Looking forward to your involvement in this important project!

-The South American Beacon Project

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  1. Juan Pablo Salinas says:

    Hi, im a ski patrol down here in coyhaique patagonia, here its been an remote zone with a lot of out bound areas to go ski or backcountry. for us its a very big responsability to keep the security on the mountains and arounds, because we are the only team who has knowlege and the equipment to do it, but we still need support on the avalanche rescue. so we will love to get some support from you or to be part of this amazing project!!!!, waiting your answer, regards!!!

  2. Esteban Echaveguren says:

    I spent a very good time at El Fraile along with my fellows Patrullas de Ski. Thank you for your time, it was very useful to us hear from your experience about search and rescue in avalanche situation plus avalanche awareness. Regards from Coyhaique, Patagonia

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