The South American Beacon Project is entirely supported by donations:

Donations of used beacons and avalanche gear are crucial and goes directly to students (workers whose employers do not provide or volunteer organizations who do not have these tools). We do not purchase any beacons, all 250+ beacons we have passed out to date we have received via donation.

When donating beacons, please enclose a description of any “quirks” or potential issues, this will help us in our testing process. At this time we are no longer accepting analog beacons.

We also receive monetary or other in-kind donations. Our instructors are avalanche professionals who volunteer their time. Your monetary donation pays their transportation to the classes they teach for free


Send equipment or a check by mail:

South America Beacon Project

1500 NW Milwaukee Ave

Bend, OR


Email us at:

Thank you for your support, You are who makes this possible !

5 Responses to Donate

  1. We’d love to bring some attention to your awesome cause. Please send us an email.

    • admin says:

      Jamie just updating the page, saw this old comment and wanted to remind you that you’re totally the man, thanks for all the help over these years!

  2. Erik Sweet says:

    Hi! I’m an avalanche educator in Argentina and am interested in your program. Although we DO charge for our avy education, we totally understand the premise of the SA Beacon Project and would like to give a hand. We currently run courses in Argentina and Chile and although our schedule is full throughout the rest of the 2011 season, we can definitely discuss possibilities for 2012 anytime.
    All the best
    Erik Sweet

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