Beacons and Training to BRZA- Villa la Angostura, Argentina (July, 2014).

Thanks to Sean and Justin for making sure that La Asociación Búsqueda y Rescate en zonas agrestes de Villa La Angostura not only have the rescues tools they need, but the important training on how to use them. Villa La Angostura is a mountaineering and tourism community in Argentina, this area houses the ski area Cerro Bayo and many surrounding mountains. As an answer to “missing persons” and unorganized mountain rescue this volunteer organization was formed. Until now they didn’t have the avalanche rescue tools they needed even though the area they serve is mostly mountainous terrain. Thanks to the help of all parties involved our volunteer organization can help theirs. Thanks Sean and Justin without your dedication to the testing and transport of beacons, training of the groups we work with, and promotion of the project none of this would have been possible.

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