Rescue Training and Tools to Socorro Andino- Las Trancas, Chile (July, 2014).

Valle Las Trancas is 70 k from the nearest major city, 180 k from the nearest rescue helicopter, and 1 hour from the nearest urban rescue resources.  People who live in this valley love the mountains, that is the reason why they live here.  But they have also realized inherent risks, and the truth in what they do. The truth being that they are responsible for their own rescue. That is where Socorro Andino Las Trancas comes in. A group of the town’s mountaineers have created their own rescue organizations. Socorro Andino is the first and strongest rescue organizations in this area of the Andes. This year we were happy to equip the organization with beacons, shovels, probes, and avalanche rescue training. Members of the group in the past have responded to avalanche accidents in the area without specific rescue equipment, now through seeking this education they can respond more prepared than ever.


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