2012 South American Beacon Project: Wrap-Up

In August of 2012, Ortovox Germany supported the South American Beacon Project at Nevados de Chillán for a tech-specific beacon clinic aimed at snowcat drivers and ski area employees who would not normally consider themselves at-risk for avalanche danger. Sadly, a snowcat driver was killed in an avalanche last year at Nevados de Chillán while he was clearing the road to the ski area. Just another way the South American Beacon Project is helping to educate everyone about avalanches, not just ski patrollers.

September 2012: SABP founder Alex Taran was joined by the late, great Theo Meiners and Camila Bahamonde in El Colorado for three days of snow safety instruction. Read more about it here, on Alex’s personal website.

Lonquimay-Corralco: 2 day course available for lift operators, ski instructors, and ski patrollers. Beacons were donated and left there for the safety of the ski area employees! Photo below.

Villarrica-Pucón: “It is not that patrollers have no concept of the avalanche danger or safety protocol, it’s
just that these skills become rusty without practice. Some of them even have a level 2 certification. It’s hard to practice these skills without the proper equipment.” The SABP donated 8 beacons, shovels, and probes to the Volcan-Villarrica crew.

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