Avalanche Awareness Along the Wasatch Front Contributes to Avalanche Awareness in South America (December 2011)

In mid November I received an email thanks to Benny Pellegrino, from Milosport Ogden, it was along the lines of:

“Hey we raised 150 dollars for the Beacon Project last Friday at the Premier of a snowboarding movie, and I’m sending it to you.”

Its not everyday someone emails you out of the blue with a, “hey I just took the initiative, to do one of the hardest, and most dreaded, parts in running an organization…fundraising, where can I send the money to. “

But this was only the beginning, throughout the rest of the month, Benny partnered with Brett “Cowboy” Kobernick of the Utah Avalanche Center, as well as several skiing and riding companies to create two more avalanche awareness events benefiting not only the South American Beacon Project, but also educating skiers and riders, all along the Wasatch front,

Thanks to Benny the event’s info was published on Transworld, Powder Magaizine, and Unofficals websites.

A Huge thanks to Benny, Cowboy, Jimmy Collinson, BJ Emery Cameron Carpenter, Milosport, The Levitation Project, Voile, Nike Snowboarding, Oakley, Nixon, Never Summer, Surface, Causwell, Spy, Vans, Bern, Dakine, Protec, Pow, Holden, and everyone who showed up to help us raise over 1,000 dollars to benefit South American Ski Communities!

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